Tips You Need To Know Before Playing Domino qq

Domino qq is one most popular form of poker in Indonesia, and also known as Domino Indo or Qui Qui. This form of poker is similar to pai gow, which is also a Chinese domino game. There are some People who are confused to get along with both games and thus rules are important to know in playing a game as it will help players to understand more about the concept of the game.

Tips for Beginners

Do some Research. There are a lot of sites that offer a game of Domino qq games another way to access this game is a player to download domino qq online. Search for a reputable site wherein a player can play without worrying about its license and other legalities. Look for the site which is reliable and can be trusted enough in many years. Find an online chat room where most of the players of Domino qq are members and a player can get some recommendation that will help them to have a good beginning in playing Domino qq.

Test Out Several Sites. A player can also check out the site of Agen Domino qq site, wherein there are a lot of domino qq games they can try and explore. Through this, a player can check what exactly they are looking for, a player can have their standards in playing domino qq game.

Choose the site that easy to use. Most of the sites offer a different kind of treatment to their customer. Sometimes, the site itself is the one that may cause trouble in registering. Choose the site that will give the player’s comfort with their registration process. A player has to look for the site that requires minimal personal information. Also, look for a site that it takes a minute to sign up and bonuses for creating an account to their site.

Bonuses, creating an account to any site has a return to their new members, they will be given a free game or free chips to use in playing Domino qq. A reputable site offers great bonuses to the beginners. But there are some sites that they only give a small amount of bonus and give a big amount of bonus for loyal players in the sites.

Rules on How to Win the Game, Domino QQ. Before signing up to the site, it is better to check their jackpot price, if what site can give a player the largest payout in playing domino qq. In a scenario of having 2 players end up having a straight or doubles, then the person with the higher double wins. If both have a straight but no doubles, then the person with the higher straight wins.


Now that a player knows the rules, then it will be able to play better the dominoqq. A player can also download this and play online.  Like other games, domino qq is not easy to play. But when a player gets to know more about the game and familiarize the rules, there is no impossible to become a professional player.

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