Poker Bankroll software becomes an important part of an online game

Chris Ferguson proved it. You can start an online poker bankroll with zero dollars. The fact that the professional has gone through the whole process not once, but twice, creating surplus accounts for an amount of $ 10,000, shows that with due diligence and dedication, anyone can do this.

One with a little self-control. In online poker, this attribute is much less common than you think. Some conservative estimates show that more than 75% of online poker players lose money. Due to the incredible growth of poker and in this millennium, no doubt there will be no lack of valuable information for anyone who wants to learn how to play this game.

Therefore, many players finally play above their skill level and even worse, above their bankroll, which is inevitable, these are the players who finally end up in this 75% group that loses fish. Yes, you are essentially a fish, playing over your budget. Chris Ferguson did not collect his bankroll with the help of a magnificent lantern, power all-ins and underground bullying tactics. Are you kidding me? Have you ever played in a $ 1 sit-and-go tournament? Such strategies will lead you to the fact that at first you will be disappointed, but first on a brick wall.

Ferguson simply used his basic poker skills to win as much as possible, but most importantly, he made exceptional fund management with a strict set of rules that determined in which games and under what conditions he could participate.


Fund management

Fund management is crucial to your online success, and there is now a selection of software to help you keep track of this particular aspect of your game. Personal Poker Pal is the latest in this market that, with a variety of graphs, reports and analysis tools, can help your game grow and improve your funds in the best way, using other people’s money.

What a poker bankroll calculator can do for you is to keep your skills aligned evenly with your bankroll. As you improve your knowledge and understanding of the game, you get rewards for your bankroll. This is really simple math. If you bounce too high, they punish you (in the end) for playing on your head and hit you.

It is impossible to have constant success in a modern game without a detailed analysis of performance, highlighting the reasons for success or failure, either in specific hands or during a session, to improve future results. If you can manage a simple program like, you should not have problems with Personal Poker Pal.

You handle money throughout your life, right?

If you’re just not having fun and you really don’t care how much you spend to entertain yourself playing online poker, then you should start managing your poker funds like a pro.

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