Is POKER ONLINE Really A Game Of Skill Or A Game Of The One With The Fate?

Poker is a simple game of cards that demands strategy skill and fate from each player.

‘Poker’, a name only discovered in the 1830s is basically derived from a German Version of the bluffing game in the early 16th century called “Pochen” which was later termed as “Poque” by the French. A game of poker has hundreds of versions and is played at homes for fun and also at big POKER ONLINE in casinos as a form of gambling.

Basics of the not so basic game

Poker earlier was mainly considered to be a one-pack game but in modern days it is played with a couple of packs of dissimilar colors in order to bring speed to the enthralling game. While one of the packs is deal the other is shuffled and kept to be dealt next.  A game of POKER ONLINE can be roughly divided into three parts:

  • The Beginning – At first the players are dealt with their hole cards (two cards facing down) followed by the betting round where you are allowed to check, bet or fold. Next comes ‘the flop’, in which three cards (face up) are collectively dealt at the center position of the table.
  • The Middle– the beginning is then followed by the second round of betting which foresees the dealing of a fourth card. This is called ‘the turn’. The third round of betting is then followed by the dealing of the fifth and the final shared care which is called ‘the river’, that again sees the ultimate round of betting.
  • The End– a hand can end in two possible ways :

POKER ONLINEWhen all the players exhibit their hole cards and the player with the best hand is declared as the winner. This is called the ‘showdown’.

The other way is when a player makes enough bet which makes everyone else fold.

Playing Poker Online is better than playing poker elsewhere

Poker games online benefit you with unlimited games to play in comparison to the pubs and casinos that only give you a handful of opportunities. One who chooses to play poker online can do so at the convenience of anywhere. All you need to do is access a platform where you can log in to online poker sites.

Playing poker online can be considered as a way of stress relief as in the case of any other online game. Real betting or not, you can still enjoy every inch of thrill associated with the game.

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