Tips to Make Your ICO Bounty Programs Stand Out

The idea of ​​the rewards program, created in the world of online games. A reward is a form of reward given to an individual or group of individuals for a specific task. As part of ICO, when starting blockboxes, the rewards program is used to complete the work, the assigned cost of the project file. As part of the reward program, the ICO team is trying to complete its marketing program. They do not spend their money or time on advertising campaigns, expensive press releases and Google Adwords, the ICO team, use the rewards program. When the promotion program works as a marketer, you need to hire a marketing company. Thus, it is easy to save a small portion of your token as a reward for your reward program. Then, with the help of intelligent contracts, they can solve the problem that they have to perform.

Here are tips to help get the best ico to invest in 2018 promotion program stand out.

Build your prototype and then launch your ICO

There are many investors for whom a working prototype is the deciding factor. Therefore, always start your ICO when you have a working prototype. The market is full of great ideas, but people want to invest in something obvious. The decisive factor can be a working prototype.

Create a valuable project

Gather your team and try to discuss the values ​​for your project. For example, are you interested in being part of the original cryptological philosophy of distributing wealth and profits among many? If you are interested, you should set an individual maximum limit so that interested parties can participate in your ICO with small amounts. In case your hidden motive should grow as fast as possible; Then you can set a minimum limit and make sure that the “crowd” participates.

During the first 24 hours set the maximum individual limit.

Interested participants can participate, if given a fair chance, try to give each participant a fair chance by setting an individual maximum limit for the first 24 hours of their public sale of tokens. The ability to open the gate by removing the cover, if after the first day the hard cover was not reached. Having an important project, a detailed roadmap, a specific team and a prototype to understand and prove your concept, do not worry: you will receive a refund.

It clearly conveys a hard case.

Solve the hard cover of your project and save it from the beginning. If your project requires an investment of 10 million dollars, do not increase the limit of 50 million dollars. At the same time, it allows investors and influence to attract an eyebrow to its capital in the amount of 50 million dollars. High hard coverage is a risk for future growth. Therefore, it can discourage investors.

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