Rules of online betting exchanges according to the banks and geographical boundaries

The rules of online betting exchanges are different in different regions of the world. While some countries consider gambling as legal, other countries have banned it completely mentioning that casino and other things are evil and bad for human beings. The banking and laws differ from country to country and even region to region. In some places, the land-based casinos also flourish whereas in some places the online websites offering gambling games are also blocked. If you are a gambling fan then do read out to know the rules and regulations that pertain to the w88thai Bursa taruhan onlinein your region and country. If you are still unclear about the rules then consult a legal professional to avoid any complexities in future. It is important to know the rules for people looking to start their own gambling business or website.

Rules by region

USA – strict gambling rules are imposed on the citizens of America those who wish to play gambling. Even they cannot make use of the e-wallets to perform gambling related transactions. If you are looking to make deposits on these websites then you must use your credit or prepaid card or issue a money order favoring the gambling website. For withdrawals, usually, the easiest means is with a check or courier or by bank wire transfer.

Canada – the rules of Canada are not much against the gambling websites and they even allow the access to e-wallet sites credit and debit cards can be used only for deposits on online gambling websites.


Australia – just like Canada, Australia is also another lenient country for online gambling. E-wallets, credit and debit cards, and even e-wallets are used for deposits as well as cashouts. Even western union and MoneyGram options are available but these services take additional payment and service charges for deposits and withdrawals. The POLi service of Australia can also be used for gambling purpose which is a means for instant deposit via internet banking.

New Zealand – this country also allows e-wallet service for deposits as well as withdrawals. These country residents also have the police service which is available for playing gambling in place of credit or debit card.

South Africa – the websites that offer w88thai online betting exchanges in South Africa prefer their players and customers to pay via Visa or Mastercard for deposit purposes and for withdrawals it is preferred to opt for bank wire transfers. Some of the websites also offer the use of e-wallets.

India – for deposit purposes the Indian players must use the facility of Skrill or Moneybookers at websites that accept Indian people’s account. Credit cards and bank wire transfer can also be considered as reliable. However, some of the Indian banks and credit cards do not offer services for gambling related transactions.

United Kingdom—This is the most gambling-friendly country with lots of land-based as well as online casinos. Even micropayments via phone bill are permitted in this country apart from other popular payment and withdrawal options.

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