Which are the poker games that you can play on joker 388

With the advent of online poker playing platforms like  joker 388 which can be accessed  using url http://joker-388.co/, there are several games that gamblers can enjoy right at the convenience of their homes. This has made playing casino and even slot games very easy and one can play anytime and anywhere. Let us look at the options available for players on websites such as joker 388.

  • Texas Holdem — It is one of the most popular online poker game played globally. Here each player gets two cards at a time known as hole cards and five cards from the community are dealt on the table or board that too face up which is visible to all players. A later has to make 5 card combination to win a round using these cards.
  • Omaha hi-lo — here players get four hole cards instead of two. In around two hole cards and three community cards can be used to for making the best hand. Omaha right and hi-lo are popular games that are available for play in limit, no limit and pot limit.
  • 5 card Omaha hi-lo — it is similar to the regular Omaha games. But here the latter gets five hole cards In a pre-flop round. you can play these games at no limit or pot limit. The hi-lo version has the option to be played on the limit as well.
  • Courchevel hi-lo– this is a variation of the five card Omaha. Here the first flop is put face up And uses the strategy of split pot form of the Omaha poker. The games are available to be played at pot limit, limit, and no limit tables.
  • Seven cards stud hi-lo –this classic poker game has seven cards which are given to each player throughout the hand. Here every player must make the five card best hand possible out of these seven cards.
  • Razz — it is a version of the seven card lowball game and In this game, you can win by making the worst possible give card combo. This game is played at low instead of high.

So try out these amazing and exciting games on joker 388 and enjoy a lot more by making money by gambling. Just sign up on the website and get sign up bonus and play a variety of games.


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