The Offers and Bonuses of the Virtual Casino Games

It is quite obvious even to a non- gamer of the day that the betting games are quite famous at the online digital portals as such. If you are one of the non- gamers and want to know what is so special about the virtual games of gambling, this is for you. Yes, you are going to get to know the major highlights of the virtual gambling games in here. One of the primary reasons why people fall in unconditional love with these games is the availability of a great deal of offers and bonuses. Money is of course one of the major needs of the day and it is very much natural for the people of the day to respond to the natural drive as such. If you have not explored any of the gaming sites until now, it is high time for you to step on and get to know what these games are actually about. Coming back to the offers and bonuses, the livecasino welcome bonus is the most popular one of all. In other words, the welcome bonus is the first and massive stride that you take towards virtual gaming at large.

More on welcome bonus

In general, the welcome bonus in online gaming is the one that is given to a new gamer so as to kindle his or her spirit for gaming. Almost all the gaming sites tend to provide a new gamer with the welcome bonus once he or is done with the registration part. The registration form that you find on the home page of an online gaming portal may ask you for the following details.

  • Your name
  • Your e- mail id
  • Your bank account number
  • Type of account
  • Name of the bank
  • Your gaming interests

Once you get a green signal at the registration desk, you become the official gamer of the corresponding gaming site. This denotes that you become eligible to enjoy the live casino welcome bonus. The two major types of welcome bonuses are

  • Deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is the one that is offered by most of the gaming sites to their customers. Here in these sites, you are supposed to make a deposit of cash so as to start gaming. These sites offer you with a fixed percentage of welcome bonus based on your first deposit. Many sites are ready to extend a welcome bonus of up to 200% of the initial deposit made.

The no deposit bonus is one that is offered to the gamers on quite a minimal range. As the name says, you are not required to make a deposit of money in here so as to start gaming. You will be provided with a bonus sum ranging from five pounds to 20 pounds at large.

Irrespective of the type of the welcome bonus, almost all the gambling sites of the day offer the gamers with a fixed number of free spins attached to the initial bonus.


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