Depending on the type of the device we choose to play the online casino, we have a particular way to access those sites. There are four basic ways to play indo777 slot games through different devices. Firstly Downloadable Slots, second is Instant Pay Slots, Third is Mobile Slots and lastly Slot Tournaments.


The player should be able to know how to play the slots with real money and how to use the bonus offered by the slots in online casinos. Player should have an idea on stakes, bonus and comps in order to play wise enough. Let us know the key points about some terms in the play.

Stakes: The play should ensure the player with enough spins from his respective bankroll. This prevents over and under-staking the spin, which will affect the playing session otherwise.

Bonus: The player needs to understand on how to quick use the bonus while playing online casino through a computer or by mobile device to maximize the playing slot and manage his bankroll throughout his play time.

Comps: By observing the indo777 level you deal while playing online casino games, the sites offers you certain comp points which rewards you accordingly and assures you to offer loyalty schemes.


To play online casino games having different sessions, the palyer needs to have a basic idea about the safety and guaranty to have some cash from the game by the time it ends.

By considering the following features, the player can be able to know the things to understand the risk and make a safe play in the slot playing sessions of online casinos.

Identify the variances in risk at the slot playing sessions.

To know the chances of jackpot odds in order to gain profit through winning combinations.

Notice the payout percentages achieved by playing the slots which are going to be paid to you as a reward.

Check the bonus game chances that triggers to play the slots in order to become beneficial.


In the present day scenario unlike old days, there are many pay lines and different slots available to play the slots in online casino. Following are list of different types of pay lines for playing slots.

Optional pay lines, Fixed pay lines, Both way slots, All pay slots, Cluster pays.


In comparison with old times, the present day online casino slot play has huge number of symbols that offers different features for the players.

Below is the list of different types of symbols: Wild, Scatter, Bonus.


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