Bingo is a highly entertaining and fun games with various versions popping up now and then, bingo game is sure to stay. It is one of the oldest games and it has continued to be a crowd favourite even though the various changes of play, the mediums of play etc. have not changed the love for bingo among the loyalists. Bingo doesn’t bore you and it’s just a fun game where you can sip your drinks no each your snack and play along to. The best part is you can play it with so many people and interact too, bingo sessions are often noisy yet you will find unlimited fun. Check the top bingo sites.

How to play

There are other things that can be connected with 75-ball bingo. Here not only numbers are to be marked but other arbitrary things such as mugs, umbrellas, planes etc can also matched and prizes can be won accordingly unlike the European version of the game which is played with 90-ball.

The other rules are similar to a normal bingo, whenever the a number is displayed on the screen and it’s present on your card mark it and when all the required numbers are marked, you shout out bingo. There are top bingo sites to play the 75-ball version.

The online bingo is more relaxed and since you won’t be sitting next to so many players who are fiercely competing. Here the auto wipe button makes life even simpler where the number cards are highlighted with the number called and daubed for you. It has even the option calling bingo.

But if you are a person who wants to have some thrill then let go off the auto wipe and try doing it yourself and the excitement to press the bingo button when you have won goes to a whole new level.

75-ball bingo has its popularity in North America. Here there is 5×5 card with the centre square empty and marked free whereas the other squares all contain numbers.

In the 75-ball bingo the winning patterns are endless and it is randomly generated by the computer too and you should keep an eye on the pattern because it isn’t your regular, four corners, diagonal, first line, middle line, bottom line, full house etc.

The payouts depends on the cards purchased by the player if he/she has purchased a high level card which is costly, or many low level cards, the payouts are accordingly done. For example the higher the card prices the payout to be larger. There is also an option of a fixed minimum prize regardless of the card you have purchased. To make the game more fun extra jackpots are sometimes added to a select number of games to encourage players to play.

The best part of playing online you can customise your bingo interface to your choice with a wide variety of options.

  • The price alert option will allow you to know the price of the cards and the number of chat rooms
  • Show three to go option will allow you to see when you have only 1,2,3 numbers to win.
  • Auto daub will mark the numbers for you.
  • The best card fit will let you know which of your cards is on a win-win situation.


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