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This is the most epic adventurous slot online introduced by Novoline. Actually, it was derived from the eighties arcade game. It has an interesting storyline which attracts people to play the game. It is based on the ancient mythological Egyptian civilization. This is a journey of an archeologist who is out for a search of secret wealth. The clues are hidden in a sacred book – the Book of Ra. It is said that this book belonged to the greatest God of Egypt. To prevent this holy book from the evil, he separated it into three parts and hid those with the help of his priest. Here comes the adventure of this game. The player has to travel through the historic Egypt and find out those three parts to point out the treasure. It is a unique idea for the online casino game. Where most of the average slots just focus on the spinning wheel, Book of Ra Slot has created an exploratory journey with graphically designed and associated with oriental sound effects.

Basic knowledge about Book of Ra Slot:

 On March 2005, the basic version of this game was released. It gained success rapidly. After that, the developers have introduced new versions of this slot game. Till 2017 many of the sequels have been released. In this high-tech world, everything is going online. Why not a casino? Currently, there are more than 400 slot games are spread over the internet. Here the players can experience the excitement of winning a jackpot. They can feel the joy of winning a profit and grabbing a bonus spin. 

Book of Ra slot playing rules:

 The basic idea of playing the game is to collect 2 to 5 icons in a single play line and you can lock the profit. You have to combine those from the left side to the right side. Otherwise, it won’t be validating. If you gather 5 archeological symbols or 5 book symbols you will reach to the bonus round where you will get a free spin. This may lead you to win a jackpot. Actually, it is a chance game. So, you have to depend on the chance factor to become the winner. But if you follow some apt strategies and rules, definitely your winning chance will increase.

 If you play for a long time you may lock more profits. Winning multiple free spins will simply higher up the chance to crack a jackpot.

If you are really interested to spin the wheel of Book of Ra Slot you just need to follow the rules and the instructions. Also, you need to understand the symbols and the characters. Just come along and start to play. You will get the clear view of the rules and the tricks to win.

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