One Way To Make A Gambling Deposit

Gambling has been on the ground for a very long time. From cavemen at Altamira, Spain, to ancient Egyptians, to the Babylonians, the Greeks and the Romans, the Inca and the Aztecs, to the old Chinese Book of Records and the great Indian Epics like “Mahabharata”, to Ridotto in Venice, Italy, and Las Vegas, USA, Gambling has sustained and nurtured countless men with the primal streak in their hearts. Then Gambling took off from the Ground, and into a world of Virtual Reality, with the coming of the Online. Gambling till now had been a localized activity, from Casinos to Saloons to Gambling Dens. Apart from the highest of High Society, and the lowest of the low, Women were always left out, as they have been everywhere pleasurable.  But with the entrance of the Online, Gambling simply erupted around the world. Doors were knocked that had never been touched before. Even lonely housewives were now welcome to participate, in the safety and security of their own bedrooms. But one problem remained. Gamblers needed to enter the fray by making the necessary Deposit, and the website needed to pay out the Winnings on demand, in Real Money. But the games are played only with Virtual Money, in a Virtual World. “JUDI” simply means “GAMBLING”. And one of the best ways for payment of Gambling Deposit is by Judi Deposit PULSA.

What is PULSA?

PULSA in Indonesian means “PULSE”. PULSA is a digital financial credit transfer system for making small to medium Deposits for online gambling, that is widely in use not just in Indonesia, but has gradually spread to the South East Asian countries, and now to several European countries and American States, where Gambling is legal.

Online Gambling Games

How PULSA can help?

PULSA is available in the form of prepaid plastic scratch cards of fixed value. Each card has a covered alphanumeric code, and payment of Deposit is made by matching the value of the Deposit with the specific card and inputting the code into the “Pay deposit” location of the game to start play. Also available is phone to phone credit transfers in the same way.


Judi Deposit PULSA is at the moment the most popular way to pay Gambling Deposit amounts. It is small value, and easy to understand. It is available in remote locations, in electronic and mobile shops and the grocers.

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