More about slot machine pay table you must know

Online slots can be tricky to get the hang of if you’re just starting out so lets us ease a bit of that confusion for you. In today’s blog we’re going to be explaining slot machine paylines and their pay tables, so by the time you’ve read it, all you’ll be fully equipped to go and try a game at your chosen online casino.

Understand how slot machine paylines and pay tables work before you play.

Once you know how both the slot machine pay table works and how slot paylines work, you are pretty much good to go DominoQQ. Usually there’s no skill involved when it comes to playing online slots; you just need to rely on lady luck to be at the right place at the time.

What is a Slot Machine Pay Table?

Every slot machine you play will be different in some way shape or form. The one thing that will link every single slot machine is its paytable. Every game will have one and they’re vitally important because it will tell you exactly how the game works.


Now, a pay table won’t automatically pop up when you open a game so you’ll need to know how to access it before you play. There’ll be a button to press somewhere on the reels, like a question mark for example. Add this to your to-do list every time you open up a new slot and make sure you’ve set aside a few moments to read the pay table because it could be the key to your success in the long run.

A pay table can’t help you to win but it will explain to you the features of the game. When you open a pay table you can expect to find the following information:

Symbols and their coin values

  • Bonus features: How they work and how they are triggered
  • Free Spins: How they work and how they are triggered
  • Paylines: You’ll usually be shown detailed diagrams of every single payline combination

Of course, it’s a pretty difficult task to say exactly what every game paytable will entail but you’re usually guaranteed to always have those. Other games may also mentioned RTP, in-game tournaments, variance details etc etc.

So, like we mentioned earlier, a paytable can’t help you win but reading it could certainly could give you a step in the right direction.

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