How to identify Online recreational Poker Players

Becoming a pro at identifying recreational players counts as one of the major attribute and skill that a player must adopt eventually especially in an online poker room. You will soon realize why. The is one of the most favored online sites to play poker for recreation. Gradually emerging to be a poker player who is always in profits you need to engage in good game sessions and that requires a smart identification of players or their types. Most players who engage in online poker games with the unbending motive of gaining huge profits do not tend to engage in games that involve most recreational players. There is good reason for it. The primary is that they do not invest large amounts as they play only for fun and pass time.

The Avatar and Screen Name loophole

In you will find many of the recreational players. Yes, this might sound wired but, take the advice, it is important to notice these details. Trying to spot recreational players in an online poker room, are we? It is pretty simple actually. Players who are professionals and are in the game for long generally have a screen name or an avatar that reflects his or her knowledge on Poker. But, on the flip side of it, if you spot a player whose screen name is reflecting his hobby and moreover if he or she has an avatar picture of a child or an animal, know that this is a recreational player. This player’s concerns are outside poker.

Open Limping-A No-No

There is no validated reason as to why in an environment of online poker game a player would go for open limping. It is just too unusual and foolish just like the zero strategic high of playing a 100nn poker game with 50-80bb.

Count the tables

The players that are into playing just one and at the maximum 2 tables, the lock it down for this is a hobbyist playing poker for mere recreation. In many sites you are allowed check the number of tables being played by an opponent.

Color Code them

Color coding recreational players can actually save you a lot of effort. Generally in an online poker scenario people having green color note beside or around their screen names are hobbyists.

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