Baccarat Betting Systems: Positive And Negative Progressives

Betting systems in Baccarat work in two ways. First is to make your decision-making easier and let you avoid rash choices. Betting strategies can also help you reduce the house edge. Online sites, like SA-Gaming, will help you become familiar with these betting systems.

Positive progression systems

These strategies involve increasing the  bet each time you win a hand. Its aim is to maximize your profits during a streak of wins.


This is the simplest positive progressive strategy. It is when you double your bet for the next hand everytime you win a hand. The system ends once you win three consecutive hands. Losing a round will also put a stop to the system. You will then start at your original bet.


You use the winnings from previous hands to increase your bets. You do this by leaving the winnings on the table when you win a hand. It means you bet what you earned from the last round plus your normal wager. The profits grow fast in a winning streak.


This betting system involves multiplying your bet after each win. The pattern is 1-3-2-6. You stake thrice your original bet for the second bet and twice the original bet on your third bet. You then place six times the initial bet for your final bet.

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Negative progression systems

These strategies aim to cancel out losses and return a profit. These can put you into very risky financial situations so approach with care.


This is the most well-known strategy for even-odds betting because of its simplicity. You double your bet when you lose until you record a win.


You need to decide a profit margin before the start of the game for this strategy. You increase or decrease bets depending on your wins and losses until you reach that figure.


This is a less aggressive Baccarat betting strategy. You add your initial bet amount to your next wager after each loss. You decrease it with every win. It lets you avoid massive bets, unlike Martingale.


Named after the famous number sequence, it lets you increase your bet with each loss. You add the two previous numbers together to get the amount you should bet. You move two places down the sequence when you win.

There is no perfect Baccarat strategy. Playing เกม SA will let you practice your chosen betting strategy. It does not improve your chance of winning but it helps you become more comfortable in your game.

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