Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos prosper because of active engagement of people. Players are therefore given activity based incentives and bonuses to make them engage more with the game. Everybody likes to get something for free and online casino websites are aware of this. These bonuses serve as enticement for the new players and challenge them to play more. The incentives are so meticulously planned that the players inadvertently become addicted to the game. However it helps to be fully aware of the terms and policies of the site to better utilize the free casino bonus.

Categories of bonuses:

  • Cashable bonus: This simply means that once a player deposits the necessary amount of money as per site’s requirement, the website pays an equal amount of money on customer’s behalf. After completing the wagering requirements, the cashable bonus can also be withdrawn along with the won amount.
  • Non Cashable sticky bonus: It is similar to cashable bonus but the only difference here is that after completing the wager, the sticky bonus cannot be withdrawn. After winning a wager the sticky bonus is deducted from the final amount.
  • Spin bonus: Online slot games offer free spin bonus to attract more customers. Although it should be noted that in most occasions the free spins are only allotted after completing a wager.
  • Referral bonus: Online casinos work really hard to get as many customers they can. They offer referral bonuses to their existing customers if they get more customers. The way it works is that a new customer has to register using the referral key of an existing customer for the latter to get a referral bonus.
  • Sign up bonus: Most of the online casino websites offer a one-time sign up bonus to their customers who register on their website for the first time. This is a very good way to take a tour of all the games the website has to offer.
  • Matching bonus: These bonuses are often given to regular players. The website offers 50% to 200% match with the original amount put in as a wager.
  • Exclusive bonus: These kinds of bonus are available daily on a particular online casino website. Although it should be noted that these bonuses vary from website to website. The idea behind the exclusive bonus is to make the website unique and to attract more customers in the process.

The free casino bonuses offered by various websites make the game more engaging and the customers happier. Although it should be noted that not every casino provides all the aforementioned bonuses. The players should go through all the famous websites, check their bonus schemes and settle for the website which suits them the best. At the end of the day, the customers should understand that the bonus schemes are just a way to attract more and more customers for the website and they cannot stay the same forever.