Sbowin Takes Over The Reins

In the Beginning

Sports Betting has been with us since the dawn of Human history. But throughout the ages, such betting has been localized in or near the spaces actually occupied by the games in focus. In other words, gamblers have been forced to travel to the actual games being betted on. Gradually though, long distance betting developed, particularly subsidized by wealthy and keen Bettors. This was dependent on a chain system, often run by shady underground organizations like the Mafia.This led to mass criminality, where cheating in gambling was more the rule than the exception. The “Wild West” syndrome, of course originating from old American cowboy speakeasies and gambling saloons, where gunfights were a common occurrence and death while gambling or settling gambling debts was common, persisted into modern gambling practice. By now, sports betting, especially horse racing, had acquired a very bad name, and “decent Folk” steered well clear of Sports Betting, though regularly indulging in home-baked versions of milder betting, say on card games, in genteel surroundings.


But legal gambling formed a much better alternative, not only for individual Bettors, but also by the Authorities, both local and National. That legal gambling could be a valuable source of revenue had always been realized by Nation Builders, given the natural propensity of all adults to gamble. But most gambling earnings went undeclared, even by the common Bettors, and the large underground organizations running the betting were almost all criminal in nature. Though some Administrations fought hard to clean up their act, land based Gambling in general and Sports Betting in particular, has kept on sliding into areas of disrepute. But finally, perhaps, in this age of digital communication, a solution is at hand. This is Online Sports Betting with sbowin , where the transparency of the System itself precludes criminal activity, and all gambling is well within the legal structure set up by the Governing Bodies.

The Reign Of SBOWIN

There is now a new sensation in the wilderness of Sports Betting worldwide. Gone are the days of long lines before the betting shop, the rough edge of security around casinos and gambling dens, the cost of extras that surround traditional gambling and often exceed the investments of keen Bettors, and insecurity of losing the earnings to a shady character. Frequenting sports grounds are out, as are the rough scenes sometimes surrounding actual play. With sbowin , the play can be closely monitored by the Bettors, with even better focus on statistical calculations to determine returns, timing and quantity of bets on the game itself, with instantaneous transmission of all data connected with the game, as well as of betsrunning, audiovisual picturisation and automatic crediting of earnings with breakup.

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