Online casino rating – what is important for players?

Because there are many online casinos in the world, we can be tempted to compare it with them. This does not matter, however, because Simple Casino as a monopolist leaves no choice. It is the only legal casino on the internet, and players must accept all its pros and cons.

Of course, the site has recently been created and is constantly evolving, so even dissatisfied users can return to the game, interested in news and improvements. However, putting aside the issues of monopoly and lack of competition, which is caused by law and restrictions, we can check what is important for players to consider an online casino valuable. We can create a list of criteria that Casino should meet to become a complete place and gather only positive reviews:

The only welcome package offered?

It should be noted that most of the above requirements have been met by Total Casino. Above all, we expect A good mobile application that has not yet seen the light of day. Adding live game capabilities. Introduction of a loyalty program. While the offer for new players is very attractive, regulars are not properly rewarded and encouraged to continue visiting the site

Online casino and tax – will our winnings be reduced?

Online casino winnings mustn’t be taxed in any way. Total Casino encourages customers to play, among others, boasting of no tax. 0% tax is related to legal regulations, thanks to which online casino reviews great because it is not forced to pay any additional amounts from the money paid.


This is certainly a big advantage, which arouses interest and increases the popularity of the only legal online casino in Poland. Adding to these bonuses for new users we get an offer which is difficult to pass by indifferently

 Online casino 100% legal

 Interestingly, Ufabet  it could open more sites, but so far there are no such plans and players can only use Total Casino. However, we think that at the moment there is no need to open more online casinos because it would be useful to refine and expand the current site for now. To all those who still have doubts as to whether the game on the websites is legal, we ensure that the game is 100% legal. Of course, this applies to adults, because under 18s you cannot use both the land-based casino and the online casino. The state monopoly has many bad sides and disadvantages, but you can’t deny it one thing: a guarantee of security.

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