Saving Your Online Poker Bankroll

As an online poker player, you will want to save your bankroll. There are many players out there who tend to burn through their bankroll in one or two games. You could win many games and accumulate an impressive amount, but with the wrong moves, lose it all. Lots of players eventually run into this problem. So, here are some tips in saving you online poker bankroll when playing judi poker online.

Do Not Use All Your Money

Perhaps the most valuable rule is to not use all your money. Play within your bankroll at all times. When it comes to judi poker online, it is you versus everyone else. This means you will be rolling against the rest of the world. As much as possible you will want to have less than 5% of your bankroll in play. Keep to one table at one time at this rate. If you are a very cautious player, this number can be lessened to 1 or 2 percent.

Try Not To Micro-manage Your Bankroll

Being on a winning streak in online poker feels great. You see the numbers in your bankroll increase, and your spirits are lifted. Keep in mind though that it only takes one bad game for those numbers to go down. If you are monitoring your balance, then this will affect you. Seeing the numbers decrease will make you feel bad. In this case you will want to get your balance back up to where it was. Before you know it, you are “chasing losses”. This means that you are forcing games to make sure you get to the amount you want. This does not mean that you shouldn’t monitor your bankroll. It means that you should not let it affect the way you play the game.

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Take The Game Seriously

Losing money can be one of the biggest distractions in online poker. This is because when you lose, you notice more and become reckless. To prevent this you should limit the distractions around you. This will allow you to focus on the game and keep you from making reckless mistakes. Another tip is to never play out of boredom. When you play out of boredom, yes it is a good distraction. But keep in mind that you will need the utmost focus to have a good game. People who play because they are bored tend to have less investment in the game and tend to make mistakes.

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