Toto For Beginners: A Basic Guideline

A Singaporean lottery game has been gaining popularity lately. It goes by the name of Toto. In this Toto game, an intending participant needs to buy a set of six numbers for the Relevant Draw. The numbers should only be from one to forty-nine. There is a prize when the chosen set of six numbers match three or more of the winning numbers drawn.

A brief history

The government of Singapore decided to establish Toto during the 1960s. They wanted to try and control the illegal betting that has become widespread at that time. In June 1968, they launched a manual version of Toto. Snowballing started in 1981. That allowed the top prize to keep on increasing every draw. When they introduced the system entry mode, people began to place many bets on a single coupon. Toto became a computerized online game in May 1986. Then on September 2016, it became available online, and a lot of 안전 토토사이트 추천 appeared.

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How to play Toto

Playing Toto is very straightforward. You only have to pick at least six numbers from one to forty-nine. A draw will determine the six winning numbers plus an extra number. You will win a prize if the numbers you chose match three or more of the numbers drawn. The more winning numbers you match, the higher the price will be.

Placing bets


There are four ways of placing bets on Toto.

  • QuickPick

People who choose this method are often players who cannot decide which numbers to pick. The various options they have to choose from overwhelm some people. Others are too excited to play to select any number. The computer will pick six figures for you if you opt for the QuickPick option. You do not need a bet slip for QuickPick bets.

  • Ordinary bet

This one is the conventional way of placing bets. You buy a bet slip and then choose the six numbers from one to forty-nine. You have to mark them on a bet slip.

  • System bet

This betting type is like the regular ordinary bet. The difference is that you select seven to twelve numbers from one to forty-nine. A System 9 bet needs nine digits, and a System 7 needs seven.

  • System roll

You need to choose five numbers from one to forty-nine if you prefer this method of betting. The sixth number is a guaranteed winning number.

Bet cost

You can start betting with only a dollar per bet ticket. You can also place bets by bet amounts. The computer will sell you the highest number of bets for your chosen bet type. It then sets the remaining balance on the next lowest bet type. An ordinary bet type with one regular bet combination will cost you a dollar. System 7, which has seven ordinary bet combinations, will cost you seven dollars. System 12 costs nine hundred and twenty-four dollars. This type of betting has nine hundred and twenty-four ordinary bet combinations. The System Roll, which has forty-four ordinary bet combinations, costs forty-four dollars.

Winning Toto

Fifty-four percent of the total Toto sales for each draw go to the Toto prize pool. That makes the odds of winning one in fifty-four. The Group 1 prize often amounts to one million dollars. The reward goes to the next draw when there are no winners. That makes the prize for the next draw so much more significant. Prized for Group 1 can only have up to 4 draws of snowballing. After that, it will go to Group 2.

Playing Toto online takes several minutes only. Even beginners with no experience in online betting will be able to play this game with ease. Thanks to modern technology, Toto is now more available to the common public. More countries can now play this game unlike before. People back then had to go to Singapore if they want to experience the Toto game. But now, with only a swipe and click on your mobile smartphones, you can already buy a Toto bet slip and join the fun. There are a lot of online betting sites that offer the Toto game. Keep in mind that you need to be careful when choosing where to play. Some sites are ready to rob you of your money without you noticing it. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each online betting site before you register an account. Do not start playing if you have any doubts about the website. Check if they have a customer service live chat and discuss your concern. Playing Toto can be entertaining, but playing on illegitimate sites can be frustrating.

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