The easiest way to bet on online football sites, like TS911 Agent, is by placing a straight bet on the point spread. When initiating this, the player from the team must cover the point spread. It means that the favored team needs to win by a certain number of points, or the underdog will get those points. Bets on the point spread are most often in 11 to 10 odds. That means a bettor needs to pay eleven for every ten he wants to win. So when making a point spread bet, values are often in an increment of 11, like 22, 33, 55, 110, 550, and so forth.

Point spreads can waver, but online sports betting have fixed odds when a bettor places his or her bet. The point spread printed on the ticket at the time of the wager may not be the same from the opening or closing ones. The odds that appear on the betting sheets can also be different.

An online bettor can also choose to bet for a team to win the game without a spreadsheet. The margin of victory is not essential. The number on the far right that displays the odds is the Moneyline. Favorite teams will show a minus sign next to the money odds. All Money lines get based on a 100-bet.

A Parlay is combining a certain number of teams in a single bet. You can also use totals in parlays. All the teams in the parlay need to win before a bettor wins the wager.

Parlay cards are trendy in football seasons. It offers potential large winnings from a small bet. Players have to shade the circles on the stub that applies for the teams in their parlay. They also need to darken the number of groups desired and the amount of bet. During football season, bettors can choose from several parlay cards with different payoff scales. The 1/2 point card is the most popular type of parlay card, and it uses 1/2 point spreads. It cancels the chances of wagering a tie.

Online football betting also offers 6-, 6 1/2-, 7-, 10- and even 14-point teasers. Teaser authorizes a player to give extra points to an underdog. It can also deduct points from a favorite on a variety of games. In case there is a tie, the teaser gets lessened to the next lowest number. A three-team teaser can get one tie and two-team teaser. If there is a tie, a two-team teaser will become a No Action. The bettor receives a refund for the entire amount of the bet.

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